How do women fall in love with killers like Ian Brady and Charles Manson?

The Guardian

"I read about Hindley, the 18-year-old secretary who fell for Brady... How he was rude to her for an entire year before asking her out. How they had sex on their first date... How she hopped on the back of his motorcycle and went to the wilds beyond town, those moors where they’d later kill and bury four children."

in search of the darkest cult in american history

Literary Hub

"This is the place, I think, looking out the Greyhound window at the hills and valleys and late afternoon light that’s too beautiful not to look at. I’m in northern California, wine country, Peoples Temple country, but even if I hadn’t been researching Peoples Temple for the past year, this would be the place; it’s everyone’s kind of place."

working girl

Prairie Schooner

"I want to be a model or a writer. I am neither of these things. What I am is fifteen and five-foot-eight, with collarbones deep enough to drink my black coffee out of, a head full of dreams, and a job with Western Australia’s largest and only Sunday newspaper."