The MeThod and the madness

Kill Your Darlings

"Nights were full-body swarmings, where I’d wake after a few hours’ sleep, hot-skinned, heart jumping around like a frog. When I closed my eyes, the dark behind my eyelids reeled, like I was coming down from acid. In the mornings, I got out of bed, sustained by an afterglow of discovery. I looked forward to writing on the commute to my day job at a call centre.."

white night: 40 years after jonestown, well-intentioned white women are still a menace


"They meant well. They saw ugliness in the inequalities of the world, their own privileged place in it, and wanted to atone for their privilege by purifying themselves through the force of their commitment. They were, in many ways, perfect vessels for fanaticism."



"Wake up. When is she going to wake up?

It feels like God is speaking to me. A man’s voice, at once inside and outside me: skull-deep and buzzing from the walls like a PA announcement. But I don’t believe in God, or Allah. I assume I’m dreaming. Until I hear him again.”